Monday, June 23, 2008

Sinus Flush

Last week, I was physically pulled by many events in my life. While excited to be helping so many people, it took a toll on my health. For the first time this year, I lost my voice and found I was fighting a sinus infection. Welcome summertime!

Along with our 'Fire juice', echinacea, vitamin C, and our cold and flu formula with plenty of water, a sinus flush is an excellent way to stop any germs wreaking havoc with your sinus'.

Fill a hot water bottle with warm water. Add a teaspoon of salt to turn it into a saline solution. Put the plastic tube in it and the water regulator, which is provided, on the tube. Lower your head parallel with the sink with your mouth open, breathing rapidly. This closes the glottis, preventing water from dripping down the throat.
Cut the tube at an angle and gently insert it into your nostril, slowly letting the water go into the sinus cavity, flushing out all the filth that has been living right behind your nose and eyes.
Do this 3 times a day. You’ll feel completely revitalized and refreshed. You’ll notice the swelling around your eyes disappear as the air circulates through your newly cleaned, clear passages. It feels wonderful. Infections from bronchitis to pneumonia start from the sinuses and drip down the back of the throat. As the viral and bacteria-laden mucus is trapped, it works its mischief on your bronchial tubes and lungs, causing throat and lung infections. The sinus flush prevents this from occurring.

When and if I can catch it before it becomes a problem, I take Dr. Christopher's eye wash into the shower with me and use 5 drops in an eye cup to cleanse both eyes, followed by 5 drops in the palm of my hand. With my hand cupped, I mix enough water in to fill my palm and while holding one nostril closed, breath up deeply, washing the entire sinus cavity. Repeat on other side. This is so easy to do in the shower, after retaining it for a minute or so, simply blowing gently will eliminate any mucus.

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